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Selling Solutions

Selling Solutions by Ken Runkle– America’s Profitability Expert™
Do you and your team understand that selling dentistry is the best and highest form of sales? Your dental practice sells solutions. Ken Runkle dissects four different sales approaches based on the book, The Quadrant Solution by Howard Stevens and Jeff Cox.  In his analysis, Ken points the way for your entire dental team to understand the incredible leverage and sales position your practice represents to patients. This is a must read for everyone involved in your practice involved in the selling process.
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Selling Solutions


Understand How Your Practice Sells Solutions


by Ken Runkle – America’s Profitability Expert™


Growing dental practices sell solutions. The process is simple. Patients arrive with a problem or a series of problems and doctors offer solutions in exchange for payment. 

When problem meets solution, profit is born. Every dental team member in your practice needs to understand the leveraging power of selling solutions to patients. The great news, as you’ll see in this article, is that dental practices engage in the highest and most effective form of selling.

The sales process has been detailed in books, articles, seminars and conferences over the years. One of the best books I’ve ever read on the topic comes from Howard Stevens and Jeff Cox. Although it is written as a novel, I’d like to provide you with a brief overview below.


The Quadrant Solution: A Business Novel That Solves the Mystery of Sales Success

by Howard Stevens and Jeff Cox                


1. Display Selling

If you have been to a department store or fast food restaurant, you have experienced Display Selling (Low Complexity and Low Experience).  For example, during your last trip to the department store, you were probably greeted by a teenaged worker who asked if you were looking for anything specific. You said, “no,” but headed directly to the shirts because you entered the store with the intention of buying a new shirt.  After sorting through the shirts and trying on a few, you selected a shirt to purchase. At the checkout, the teenaged worker asked you if you found everything you needed. You said, “yes,” with a smile and proceeded with the purchase.

The sale was very simple and required very little experience from the employee.

2. Relationship Selling

If you have ever been wined and dined, you have been part of Relationship Selling (High Complexity and Low Experience). For example, your insurance agent invites you to play a round of golf.  His intention is to build a deeper relationship with you in order to keep your account or encourage you to place more of your business with his or her company.

The sale is based on a relationship. To make this sale, you have to create and maintain a relationship with your client. This sale is not solely based on what is being sold, but the relationship you have with the client.

3. Super Close Selling

If you’ve ever attended a Timeshare presentation, you’ve probably experienced Super Close Selling. The salesperson made an emotional and captivating presentation that heightened your desire for the product or service. They engaged your emotions and concluded with a very strong close, pushing you to make a decision right away. This sales approach rarely settles for “no” as an answer and repeat sales are not the goal. Fly in, make the sale, and move on to the next potential customer. Dental practices do not operate in this fashion.

4. Consultive Selling

When a patient comes to you with a problem and you provide them a solution, this is Consultive Selling (High Complexity and High Experience). You are selling solutions. This is the highest form of sales and the best kind of selling. You move beyond selling to providing solutions.

Shifting from selling to solutions moves your vocabulary from treatment plan to treatment solution.


NOTE:  Dental practices engage in the highest and most effective form of selling by providing solutions that involve both High Complexity and High Experience.         


Interruption-Based Sales

1. Low Integrity

A stranger walks up to you in a mall or an airport and tries to sell you a product. You politely refuse and walk on, but the salesman follows still trying to make the sale. This cycle continues because he does not have the courtesy to accept your answer. This is low integrity, interruption based sales.

2. High Integrity

Door to door salespeople or evangelists are people with high integrity, but are still interruption based. They knock on your door, interrupting your daily activity. You open the door and after they make sure you do not want what they are selling, they tell you to have a nice day and leave. Although they have high integrity, they have still interrupted your day.


Permission-Based Sales

1. Low Integrity

For years, the example of low integrity sales has been the car salesman, although not every car salesman sells with low integrity. Auto sales are permission-based sales because the customer gives permission to be sold simply by driving on to the car lot.

2. High Integrity

Dental practices represent high integrity, permission-based sales. Patients come to your practice and make an appointment for you to solve their problem. They give you permission to sell to them, not just once, but in an ongoing relationship.


Dental Practices = Ultimate Leverage for Effective Sales

Your dental practice engages in the highest form of sales with the most responsive and most effective leverage points with your patients. They come to you with a problem and you solve their problem from a position of high experience and high integrity. You are the expert. They came to you. Do not shrink from the opportunity to leverage these realities as you close the sale and provide your patients with long-term health solutions.

Go for it!


– Ken Runkle, America’s Profitability Expert™, is the founder and president of Paragon Management, Inc. and has been helping dental practices reach peak profitability for twenty-five years.


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