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Topic: Profitability

Selling Solutions
  Selling Solutions by Ken Runkle– America’s Profitability Experts™     Do you and your team understand that selling dentistry is the best and highest form of sales? Your dental practice sells solutions. Ken Runkle dissects four different sales approaches based on the book, The Quadrant Solution by Howard Stevens and Jeff Cox.
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Wealth Barriers
  Have you achieved the wealth you desire? Is something blocking your path to success?  Maybe you have set goals and developed plans to achieve those goals, but for some reason you fell short.  Unknowingly, one of six common wealth barriers may be blocking your path. Discover the barrier and take action. Climb over, go around, or push through it.  Wealth is wait
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Good Debt - Understanding Debt In A Dental Practice
  Do you have good debt or bad debt in your dental practice? Consider five forms of debt and whether they are good or bad for your practice. We know debt can be destructive. Can it also be good? Ken Runkle evaluates five forms of dental practice debt, revealing whether it is good debt or bad debt. Understanding practice debt and using it wisely will help you protect your pract
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Abundance: Seven Steps To Move From Scarcity To Plenty
For years Ken Runkle has shared privately with doctors the critical difference between doctors who thrive and doctors who struggle.  Now, he has decided to share it publicly. What is the difference?  In this resource you will learn how these doctors invite abundance into their lives and practices.  These seven steps represent a proven approach that sets thriving doctors apar
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10 Numbers Every Dentist Should Know
Do you know the 10 most important numbers every dentist should know? Whether you are a new dentist or experienced dentist, there are 10 numbers that define your practice.  From current market value to how much you reinvest in your practice annually to your current cash on hand, these 10 numbers help you get a dashboard view of how your practice is doing.  When tracked ove
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Mega Trends In Dentistry
  What are the major shifts and trends impacting the world of dentistry today? In our ongoing mission to help grow the hundreds of dental practices we serve, five major trends have risen to the surface. Successful dental practice leaders understand that the world of dentistry presents a constantly changing landscape. The practice which fails to react quickly or plan proactivel
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Paragon Management Associates Inc. is celebrating 31 years in helping dental practices to achieve Growth, Profitability and Financial Independence!
The Paragon Program is offering a multitude of new Academies in 2019!
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